Why Choose to Grow?

There are an estimated 50 million children involved in organized sports in the United States. That means there are nearly 90- 100 million parents involved in it as well.

Sports are an enormous part of our culture. We use them as a way to relate to and entertain one another,  but we also use them as a way to distract us from the most basic of human connections. Sports are often responsible for the development and growth of  the next generation, but if we are not good stewards of the lessons we teach, the price we pay down the line could be more than we should be willing to pay.

We should be appalled that nearly 75 per cent of children who had participated in sports starting at age five, are no longer playing anything by the time they are 13. There is something fundamentally wrong with that statistic. We should all be lifelong athletes…regularly exercising, competing because competition is fun, and sports should not be limited to the wealthiest and most athletic among us.

This blog will track a journey toward understanding how we; the parents, the coaches and the fans, can do this sports journey better. How we influence the youngest athletes among us…that matters.  This blog will chronicle research about this enormous, and sometimes emotional topic. What I find will eventually be compiled into a book called Choosing to Grow: For the Sport of It.


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